Pandora Presents Pass the Mic aims to shine a light on the incredible women in the audio space to do our part in bridging the gender gap—and we’re starting by listening.

Join to celebrate female voices, share their inspirational stories, and applaud their undeniable talent in the world of audio. From advertising executives to podcast hosts to musicians, these women are blazing a path for others to speak up and step up to the mic.  

Investing to help our community #LearnOnTikTok

As communities continue to shelter at home, communities on TikTok have come together to offer levity, positivity, and basic human connection. We've been drawn in by the creative, light-hearted, wholesome, and fun content – and we've been inspired to see our community welcome a range of enriching ideas and content as well. The rise in informative, instructional, and motivational videos alongside the memes and artistry signals a growing interest in content that makes learning more enjoyable.  

The TOP 100 trends  - Pinterest

The Pinterest 100 is your guide to what people want to try next. Discover 100 trending searches from all over the world—from the practical (low-waste lifestyles, +446% year over year) to the playful (goat playgrounds, +150% YoY). 

When Pinners want fresh ideas, they come to Pinterest first. It’s where they find inspiration, plan their future, and decide what to buy. Multiply that behavior by the more than 320 million people using Pinterest every month, and you get strong signals into emerging trends. 

Sustainable Fashion - Vogue Business 

With the exception of the small minority of hyper-conscientious customers, most people don’t look critically at brands’ sustainability policies before choosing where and how to spend their money.

That may seem like an invitation for brands to take shortcuts on their environmental efforts, since consumers don’t seem to be doing their homework about what’s legitimate or effective and what’s not.





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